Watchman Unoccupied Property Insurance

The market-leading unoccupied property insurance for UK solicitors.

Watchman is a specialist policy featuring a wide standard of cover (including subsidence-subject to postcode) with more sympathetic policy terms that recognise the difficulties probate lawyers face.

  • Easy to set up. Same day cover usually available
  • Initial deposit only
  • Balance of premium is deferred up to a year
  • No cancellation fees
    No hidden charges
  • More cost-effective
  • Wide standard cover
  • Easy security and inspection criteria
  • NO risk of ‘gaps’ in the cover period and you pay only for the days on cover you need
  • Watchman Insurance is provided for up to one year at a time and apart from a small initial deposit, you can usually settle the entire insurance premium when the house is sold or transferred.

The premium is ‘deferred’

Watchman insurance lasts for up to a year at a time but you only pay for the exact number of days cover you need when it is cancelled. A small deposit secures cover for a fixed daily rate that accumulates and is then settled when the property is sold/transferred up to a year later.  Based on our own analysis of current Internet offerings, we believe that you will not better our premiums on a like-for-like basis with any other reputable insurance company.

Most Policies

Cover for malicious damage, theft, subsidence/ heave, and escape of water
x Usually included as standard
Simple security requirements
Onerous and may require better replacement locks Hassle free – allowing you to use the pre-existing locks
Inspection requirements
Weekly Every 30 days
Hidden charges and cancellation fees
Very likely None
Better Cashflow
Use own funds to pay premium or enter finance agreement. Deferred payment and daily price mean you only pay for exact days needed. Up to 1 year.
Client in care home/Administration/Deputyship
X Included
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Watchman insurance is administered by Straight Solutions Ltd, an independent insurance intermediary regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA ref. 315448)

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